How to find out if I have a loan. How to find out if there are loans on a person in the bank

  1. All methods of checking KI for free
  2. Through the credit bureaus
  3. Through the bailiff service
  4. Checking debts in the bank on the passport
  5. KI by name
  6. Check CI by card number
  7. Instructions on how to find out if there is a loan debt by loan agreement number
  8. Can you find out about the debts of a deceased person?
  9. What is a credit history
  10. Why do we need this kind of data?
  11. How to check the availability of loans from a person?
  12. When do you need information on the credit history of another person?
  13. How do I know if I have loans online?

Corrupt credit history (CI) does not allow you to get a loan in large banking organizations. And - the reason for not going abroad. Not to get into a difficult situation helps awareness of problems with credit history. How to find out debts and loan history in a bank? Will bailiffs or the Bureau of Credit Histories help to solve the problem ?, is the answer in this material.

All methods of checking KI for free

There are opportunities to find out the current loan debts in a bank. The easiest is to contact the bank where the loan was taken. Information in this case is provided free of charge. Use the option will be the person who made out a loan in this particular bank. Outsiders will not be able to get a response, with the exception of legal action (for example, the relatives of the deceased may know the debts of the deceased) or other requirements of the responsible authorities.

Through the credit bureaus

Through the credit bureaus

BCI (Credit History Bureau) provides information on the loan debt (size, date of issue etc.), and credit history in general banking organizations who have an agreement with him.

Data is checked automatically. Third-party person must issue an official letter to the CI bureau, or send an online request through the official website of the organization with an electronic address, phone number and passport information (name, patronymic, surname, series and document number, date of issue, etc.).

Information on the amount of debt in the CII once a year is provided free of charge. Registration is required.

There are three credit bureaus:

  • National - NCBI;
  • United - OKA;
  • Equifax.

You can apply in person to the bureau, send an online request through the official website or contact by registered letter through the mail. Information in each bureau is not always duplicated, therefore inconsistencies in the results of the audit are possible. For accuracy, it is recommended to send a request to all three bureaus.

Through the bailiff service

Through the bailiff service

The bailiffs will provide information when the fact of non-payment of the resulting debt is open judicial proceedings and decided to recover. Information about the debt in the bailiff service is available only to interested parties (the bank and the debtor). According to law outside people can not get information.

Checking debts in the bank on the passport

Checking debts in the bank on the passport

You need to make a request to the bank branch where the loan was processed. If a person has several creditor banks, they will have to apply to each. Information is available to the client if he requests information on his own loan. An exception - official requests government agencies . When you contact the bank to check credit history citizen must provide own passport . room loan agreement will speed up the verification process. This is a free procedure.

KI by name

KI by name

To find out debts on loans in banks via the Internet by last name, it is enough to send an online request to an organization that is interested, that is, the bank where the loan was processed.

Some banks do not have a service that allows them to find out information about debts online. Solution of the problem - personal visit to the bank branch and drawing up an application (the form will be provided on site) with a request to provide data on credit history. Remember that data is available upon presentation of a passport.

To learn a credit history without a passport only by last name is not possible in any way. Identity card is always required.

Check CI by card number

Check CI by card number

A credit card and connection to the Internet banking system (for example at Sberbank or VTB 24) allows you to find out free of charge debts and check history. Additionally, the service is provided on the official resource of public services - you can find out any debts, incl. under the current loan. Here registration is required, which implies the input of personal data.

Instructions on how to find out if there is a loan debt by loan agreement number

Instructions on how to find out if there is a loan debt by loan agreement number

To use this method of checking the CI, you must apply to the branch of the creditor bank that issued the loan, or to the agent banks of the CII (Pochta Bank, Renaissance Credit, VTB, etc.) . Passport required. The employee starts the verification process in in electronic format and complete information is provided to the borrower. The speed of processing the request and issuing a response will be a few minutes.

Can you find out about the debts of a deceased person?

Can you find out about the debts of a deceased person

Heirs can check the CI and find out about the debt of the deceased debtor’s loan. For this they will need:

  • applicant's passport;
  • death certificate of a relative / guardian / testator;
  • testament or court decision on inheritance.

Why check the dead relative's CI?

Interest, penalties and fines after the death of the borrower continue to accrue. Before accepting an inheritance, it is necessary to clarify what debts a deceased relative may exist in banks. At the moment when the notary will read the will, you can refuse the problem inheritance. Service bailiffs will not be able to force to pay the debt if the heir refused to accept the inheritance.

The loan deal is quite risky. And this is irrespective of who lends and with what condition. The most optimal solution for individuals engaged in lending, and commercial structures - will previously receive reliable information about a potential client.

What is a credit history

Information that is able to summarize the data on the fulfillment or non-fulfillment of the obligations that a person gives to banking institutions in processing loans is called a credit history. Any of them can tell the following about a borrower:

  • Basic passport data and code;
  • A place actual residence and contact information;
  • List of loan agreements;
  • Scroll banking institutions in which a person turned with the desire to get money borrowed.
  • What amount can be provided for a loan;
  • For how many years to conclude a loan agreement;
  • What percentage of the loan it is advisable to provide the client.

Several such stories for each person are part of the informative base of the credit bureau for loans.

Why do we need this kind of data?

Credit histories are necessary for banks, because it is the only way they have the opportunity to review all data relating to the borrower. Has there been a delay or debt arrears, have significant penalties been applied to him, or is he an exemplary payer with bills paid on time or in advance. How to find out if a person has loans and how much he can be trusted in terms of obligations? The lender can order this information from the bureau, which stores data on many people. Having received an exhaustive answer, it will be easier for a bank or any other financial firm to decide on a loan: And much more, because a credit history provides full information on both individuals and legal entities.

How to check the availability of loans from a person?

Many people, not knowing how to know the credit history of a person, succumb to difficulties. After all, uncertainty does not allow to contact the bank, and even if cash is needed very urgently, it is difficult to wait for any actions from such a person. For example, you know exactly what is the history of loans. But you hardly know whether you can find out if a person has a loan. It is quite possible and for this there is the following method - contacting the bureau that collects full information about all received, paid, underpaid and out of time loans. But you will surely ask: "How do I know if I have a loan?" To begin with, it is necessary to find out in which bureau exactly your history is located. After that, in order to find out if there is a credit, a special application is filled in with his own hand, in which the passport data is indicated. A month is given to the processing of your data, the search for information on you, as well as the response of the bureau. “It does not suit me,” you will say, but, unfortunately, it is impossible to speed up the process, since the base is large and in order not to be mistaken, you must act slowly. The first such appeal is free, but the service is paid again for the same year. Having found out the answer to how to find out your credit, many people want to check others. Curiosity often drives us. But how do you know if a person has a bank loan, and if this is not even a relative - is it possible?

When do you need information on the credit history of another person?

Sometimes there are such cases that a person unfamiliar to you asks for a loan. And the requested amount is quite serious. What to do? After all, you are not sure of the borrower and its solvency. How much will have to wait for him to return the borrowed funds? What if he has responsibilities to someone else and your turn will never come? How to find out if there is a loan on a person? You can again ask the bureau to provide all the necessary data. But for another person, the request is made only if there is a power of attorney issued to them in your name. Such a scheme is not quite convenient, and you will have to spend extra money. In this case, a special detective agency is now organized in the country, which will gladly help you. In order to get the whole necessary information it will be enough to indicate the passport details of the citizen who interests you.

How do I know if I have loans online?

Today, the most relevant service offered on the Internet is the ability to check the availability of loans. Obtaining such information can help you stay abreast of all the changes in your life regarding the processing of loans in your name. It is also very convenient to track the timeliness of payment and the balance of debt. Especially relevant this information for planning to take out a loan in the coming days. However, you do not need to look for various documents , to visit various authorities, you just need to make a questionnaire on the site and that's it. Information you also get online.

First you need to decide on the question. You have an idle interest or your passport has been stolen. (at the very end of the answer I will give advice on how to control this)

If you lost your passport, then most likely they took credits for it, because for this they are being stolen.

The second case you lost your passport or compromised it (in simple language, you found a copy of your passport, if you left it somewhere, and we really leave a lot where they are left ....).

If you have your passport stolen or you have lost it, that is, the original is in the hands of the scammers, then they will try to take large credits to the bank branch.

If you have compromised a passport, then it will most likely be taken online to borrow up to 15,000.

What to do to this did not happen. Immediately after you discovered the loss of the report to the police, as far as I know this can be done through the portal of public services. And your passport will be marked as invalid in all bases. When fraudsters come to the bank or try to apply for a loan online, they will be denied everywhere, because credit organization must check all passports on the basis of the Ministry of Interior.

If you have compromised your passport and took out a loan for it, it is becoming more and more difficult, you will not know about it until the first loan payment appears, usually within a month, when the first loan payment term comes. You will find the creditor and tell you the most pleasant news. But this can be challenged through the court, but the nerves will have to pat.

How not to get into this situation. Credit history every month as a paranoid ordering is not necessary. It is enough to subscribe to SMS notifications about changes in your credit history (by the way, this can be done on or). The first bell will be this: if the scammers under your name come to the bank, then the bank will of course first go to check your credit history, and you will immediately receive an SMS that someone has checked your credit history. If you have not submitted any applications for a loan, then you should already order a credit history and see who made the request (which bank or MFI) and already call them to find out on what basis they made this request. In the worst case (for example, online loans) you will receive an SMS message that you have opened a new credit account. But you will already have time in stock, and the sooner such issues are resolved the easier.

The topic is complicated, I don’t know whether it helped or not, but it’s not only Russian problem . This happens all over the world, therefore it is better to protect oneself and put oneself on monitoring the credit history.

I also apologize for spelling and punctuation, I did not write it for the sake of spelling ...