In Russia, the cost of living has fallen. And what about Ukraine?

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“Life is getting more expensive, grandmothers are getting cheaper,” - it seems that this phrase was uttered by the hero of some old, still Soviet, comedy, in my opinion, “The Genius of the Scam” with Abdulov in the title role. In my early years, the main message of the comedy was simple for me - do not play gambling with the state, honor the criminal code and earn money for marble meat and Widow Clicquot. If you believe in some kind of social state, you will die in a nursing home.

Over the next quarter of a century, this resume was superimposed on the life experience of living in states of varying degrees of development of capitalism. Up to that which our liberals call social.

Russia By definition, it cannot claim a state with a well-established economy. Potential wealth, all kinds of “proven reserves of raw materials” and other potential opportunities in the current reality do not change anything. Russia and its citizens have a long and difficult time making their way up. In the meantime ...

So far, the Medvedev government has reduced the subsistence minimum per capita for the fourth quarter of 2015 by 2.28% - on average to 9 thousand 452 rubles. It decreased by 221 rubles. compared with the third quarter (9 thousand 673 rubles.). "The decrease in this indicator is associated with a decrease in the cost of food as part of the subsistence minimum."

There is still a lot of figures in the Cabinet resolution posted on the official Internet portal of legal information, but this one is enough to understand what is happening. The reaction of the population of Russia is expected - people are outraged. What is the "price reduction" when everything is going up?

Research holding "Romir" published the results of studies of average checks for February 2016. It turns out that the average resident of Russia when he went to the store in February of this year, compared with January, spent 13.5% less - 499 rubles.

Two years with sanctions: results

Such expenses correspond to the indicators of two years ago, when prices were lower and it was possible to buy more than five hundred rubles. Another figure important for understanding was published: in the supermarkets, the average bill was punched in the amount of 887 rubles, for the first time since the end of 2013, falling below 1 thousand rubles.

It’s pointless to argue with the obvious - the standard of living of the average Russian has fallen. But to understand what kind of fall, you need a side view. And for this, the average resident of the once fraternal Ukraine is ideally suited, now striving to feed into a well-fed and rich Europe. However, more on that later.

Let me remind you that Russian liberals are not tired of putting Ukraine as an example of Russia. There they threw off the shackles of the “scoop”, “got rid of the Russian yoke” and only temporary difficulties separate the residents of Nezalezhnaya from the goal. The same to which every Russian should strive.

I dare to remind you that Ukraine - not Moldova and not Georgia. It was the richest republic of the Union, occupying a geographically very advantageous position, with an excellent (compared to Russia) climate, the richest black earth in the world, own gas, the world's largest fishing fleet, developed industry and road infrastructure. Plus, from the USSR, in contrast to Russia, the newly appeared independent state broke free without a penny of debt. Ideal for a full life.

After a quarter of a century, the average salary of a resident of Ukraine is just under $ 150. Yes, they still count there in dollars, because all life is determined by the rate of the local currency of the hryvnia to the American dollar. ALL life and ALL prices - from the cost of a loaf of bread to gasoline and utilities. Although oil is produced in this country, there are seven of its own refineries (most of them do not work, like all other large enterprises).

So, at the current rate of $ 150 in Russia - about 10.5 thousand rubles. Very close to the very cost of living, which Prime Minister Medvedev lowered even more. By the way, this average Ukrainian salary is almost equal to the subsistence minimum for the able-bodied population of Russia - 10 thousand 187 rubles.

Ukraine: Debt Tsunami and Pitch Hell Mass Defaults

I do not specifically compare with the average salary in Russia at 32-33 thousand - the difference is too great. You just need to understand that the subsistence minimum in Russia is the average salary of a Ukrainian, which the vast majority of the population does not receive. As in Russia, of course. But the Russian from the average Russian salary to the subsistence minimum is a long road — more than 20 thousand rubles, and the former average brother is zero — he is already on the verge of starvation.

This is usually followed by an objection that prices in Ukraine are significantly lower than Russian ones. Once it was. But today we must begin with the fact that going to Europe and sacredly fulfilling the requirements IMF , Ukraine sharply raised prices for utilities. As a result, an ordinary two-room apartment in an ordinary Ukrainian city (not in Kiev) costs about $ 100 a month. The cheapest "Khrushchev" with the lowest tariffs, in which the meters are installed absolutely everything and save everything too, cost two residents a little more than $ 50 a month.

Cross-linking under expenses: SDPT - communal - 1,57 UAH. for 1 sq.m. living space; garbage collection - 11.50 from the 1st registered person; heating - 16.77 UAH. for 1 sq.m. living space; hot water - 39.05 per 1 cubic meter; cold water - 11.48 per 1 cubic meter; gas - 64.69 UAH. for two people in an apartment with one gas stove; telephone - 44.59 - monthly fee. What does it mean to spend for two rooms half, or even two-thirds of earnings (namely, earnings), each resident of Russia can evaluate himself.

I will allow myself to compare with the Crimea, and as the locals say: "The prices have not changed." Two separate large rooms on the first floor of a private house with a shared kitchen, toilet and shower, all expenses, including cleaning and linen change (oh yes - plus the garden), five minutes from the sea, cost 4.5 thousand rubles. per month, if you shoot these mansions from May to October. Live year-round - it will be even cheaper. And these are not utility costs - it is also the work of the owners and their profits!

Ok, Crimea. Comrade lives in a two-room "Stalinist" apartment in Moscow (metro Pervomayskaya). This winter, all utility payments amounted to 4.5 thousand rubles. In Moscow! Less than half of the subsistence minimum in Russia! And two-thirds of the average salary in Ukraine.

Now about the prices. Gasoline in Ukraine is twice as expensive. Machines also cost a lot more - this is not for the average Ukrainian. It is better to talk about the daily. Since last winter, the meat 100 km from Moscow has fallen in price and is very significant - from 280-300 to 216 rubles. This is boneless pork in the supermarket, in the market in the village and in the exit stall of the meat factory.

In Ukraine (reported from Odessa) the prices are as follows (I will quote the cheapest prices in hryvnias at the rate of 27 UAH for 1 dollar):

- sunflower oil 1l. - 24.08;
- buckwheat Zirka - 29.98 per 1 kg;
- Zirka rice - 14.28 UAH per 1 kg;
- Wheat groats Zirka - 5,28 UAH. for 1 kg;
- semolina Seven - 7.35 per 1 kg;
- May tea 50 g. - 16,77 UAH;
- Seven flour - 7.99 UAH per kg;
- Seven pasta for 500g. - 6.95 UAH;
- eggs - 2.87 per 1 pc .;
- milk - 12 UAH for 1 liter;
- White lunch bread - 7.70 per 900 grams.

I emphasize - these are the cheapest products, not "durum pasta" and not C0 eggs. However, even such eggs at a local store today cost 60 rubles, and not the cheapest large-leaf “Maysky tea” - 34 rubles. (in Odessa - more than 90 rubles.). For all imported goods - even for such specific ones as contact lens cleaning fluid, prices in Ukraine are twice as high as even in Moscow.

Gold Polubotka as a national idea, or why do we all need?

The only and unconditional plus is that today travel in urban and suburban transport in Ukraine is cheaper than in Russia.

So, the fraternal neighbors successfully moving to the EU yesterday are really surviving. In part, it is envy that determines the Russophobic and hateful cries from there, emanating from the most rabid and irresponsible Maidan jumpers.

For all these comparisons, an ordinary resident of Russia may argue that it is senseless to compare his life with the idiots who destroyed their country — one should strive to live according to European qualities. But the thing is that Ukraine has been striving for them for 25 years. Moreover, the European Union speaks all the time about success on this path. The fact that "a little more, a little bit more. The last fight is the hardest ... ".

Here are just an increasing number of residents in the ruins of Ukraine recalls the next line of this song: "And I am in Russia, I want to go home ...".

No need to strive for Europe, my dear inhabitants of Russia. And to compare your standard of living with the one about which you are told or which is visible from the window of a tourist bus is also. There is no "welfare state" there and never did.

Only one example from the life of my close friends, who gradually moved to Portugal. The first about 13 years ago, the 40-year-old father of the family left - an extra-class surgeon, Ph.D. For 5 years, working as a gardener and a laborer for 18 hours a day, he gnawed his diploma and qualification confirmation and began working as a doctor, dragging his wife (also a doctor) and high school daughter after him.

By the crisis of 2008–09, they were a typical successful high-paying family. They worked like damned with almost no days off, as everyone around bought on credit a small 3-storey house and car. Deciding where the daughter would go to study, it’s better, of course, to England - to Cambridge.

After the crisis, the state raised taxes and reduced the size of marginal family income, after which the tax rate rises sharply. At the same time, all EU states have limited the ability to earn extra money on their territory for citizens of neighboring countries. Well, all our problems also took place - prices are rising, earnings are not, there are problems with work, and you have to pay loans. About Cambridge had to forget. On trips to their historic homeland - too. In order to repay loans and pay for their daughter’s education in Italy (cheaper there), people work two jobs and on weekends they also work a little.

"Poroshenko sold us to the Turks and Arabs": an afterword to the visit of the President of Ukraine to Turkey

For a casual observer, everything is OK - a mansion, several times a year for 3-7 days somewhere in the Alps, in Paris, in the Maldives. Good, prosperous life, 160 thousand euros of annual family income. Beauty!!!

And work 16 hours a day. And no weekend, except for those same trips. And the constant fear of getting sick - then a catastrophe, a delay in loans, a crash ... They are already well over 50, there are still 15 years ahead of such work. Closer to 70 new Europeans will have the opportunity to live peacefully in their mansion and travel to their homeland.

So you should not strive to foreign lands - they do not expect us there. It is easier and better to build your future in your homeland. And for this, it is necessary to blame the government, and to be indignant about the fall in the standard of living, write about corrupt officials, and catch bribe takers by the hand.

All this must be done by ourselves and at home. In his spare time from the main work. Without Maidan and revolution. Then in ten years, no matter what sanctions and who will apply to us, life will be much better than the current one.

Remember how everyone in Russia lived only 15 years ago. And 20? Do you know the difference between answers from Russia and Ukraine? In Ukraine, then they lived well and peacefully, but today they are bad and at war. In Russia, everything is exactly the opposite. These states are moving in opposite directions.

Ukraine is degrading, moving, it seems, to Europe. With the full support of the West.

"It's good there, but I don't need to go there."


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